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Social Learning Site

1 Jun

When tasked with choosing a social learning site, the decision was easy-Pinterest!

I have heard and seen numerous teachers using Pinterest, and now have realized why they joined!  This amazing tool has an abundance of teaching resources all in one spot and very easily accessible.  All of the “pins” and boards are so well organized, making it extremely easy to find a specific idea or subject.

As a career switcher, this will be an amazing resource to connect with teachers from across the country.  The following statistics found on a board amazed me about the wealth of educational information on Pinterest:

  • Over 350 boards have the title “Lesson Plans”
  • There are over 400 boards with the keyword “classroom”
  • There are over 450 boards with the keyword “teacher”

One pin I found particularly interesting for educators was “16 Ways Educators Use Pinterest”

how educators use pinterest

As a visual learner, Pinterest provides an advantage in that there are images of every idea.  You can show, rather than just tell! For example, instead of reading about how someone has organized their classroom, you can see it!organized classroom

I am anxious to start using Pinterest and know that this will be my “go-to” site when in need of an idea or suggestion!