Dan Meyer: Math class needs a makeover

9 Jul


Dan Meyer’s talk at TEDxNYED  was incredibly insightful about the world of teaching math.  Mr. Meyer expressed his discontent with the way math is taught in the U.S. and offered an alternative approach to successfully teaching math.  I agree with Mr. Meyer’s assessment that texts books are not fostering the reasoning skills and are simply providing all the facts in which to plug into a formula.  The current method of teaching simply calls for memorization and not fully grasping how  math concepts work in real life.  I agree that if the students go through a real life math problem, using their intuition, and reasoning skills, they will more likely be able to grasp the concept, and move to the Comprehension level, instead of just staying at the Knowledge level.    He also was very effective at presenting this new technique to his audience.  I enjoyed his humor and the real life examples he gave helped solidify his strategies.  

Mr. Meyer made the point that students do not expect to have to formulate the problem, but expect all the of facts to be given to them within the problem.  This made me think of how our society and culture have become accustomed to instant gratification and less and less patient to solve problems, find answers, etc.  I believe this trending impatience is partly the blame of technology, which has made instant gratification a reality through the Internet, Google, texting, etc.  

His idea that we should encourage patient problem solving is innovative and I am sold on using this technique as a future teacher!  I will be following Dan Meyer’s Blog starting today!

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