Flipped Classroom-So What’s It All About?

2 Jul

ImageAfter viewing a short clip on the flipped classroom model, I read two blogs to find out more about this new teaching structure.  The Flipped Classroom:  An Infographic Explanation provided an informative display with multiple images and graphics for us visual learners.  I thought this blog offered a precise and clear explanation of the flipped classroom, with some revealing statistics as well.  I was incredibly surprised to see the drastic decrease in failures and discipline cases since moving to the flipped classroom.  If those are indicative of what every school would encounter, than I would say that flipping is a no-brainer!

ImageThe next blog I read, To Flip or Not To Flip?, discussed an AP Calculus teacher’s decision to give the flipped classroom a try.  As someone that has not seen the flipped classroom in action, it was informative to read why this teacher decided to try it, how she planned and prepared, and how it worked in her classroom.  

Lastly, at first glance, the flipped classroom reminded me somewhat of how many college courses are structured.  Many require the students to do their reading on a particular subject prior to the class in which it will be taught. This structure enables the students to come to class ready to discuss and engage with the teacher on a new concept. 

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