Making Words Stand Out: Wordle!

16 Jun

I had heard of Wordle at the school I work; they gave out “Wordles” as a going away present for teachers who were leaving.  So I wanted to check out this website further to see how I could potentially use in the classroom.    As I explored more, I found this to be a great  visual tool for students, especially younger students.  We have learned  that people retain more through visual information, and although Wordles include words too, I think Wordle incorporates the visual aspect quite well by making the words stand out through different fonts, positioning and colors.

I decided to try one out and used my 3rd Grade History SOL standard as the theme for my first word cloud.


I also found the slideshow below, which gives interesting ways to use Wordle in the classroom, along with a lot of examples.

<div style=”margin-bottom:5px”> <strong> <a href=”; title=”Wordle in the Classroom” target=”_blank”>Wordle in the Classroom</a> </strong> from <strong><a href=”; target=”_blank”>Barbara Krongold</a></strong> </div>

2 Responses to “Making Words Stand Out: Wordle!”

  1. j0w87844 June 17, 2013 at 8:05 pm #

    What a cool slideshow, thanks for sharing! I especially like all the various ideas on how to use Wordle. My favorite was the list of every student’s name…may give that one a try one day!

  2. sjknight June 25, 2013 at 12:59 am #

    Great post. Thanks for sharing the PPT.

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