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The Curriculum Corner

24 Jun

I have found some fantastic education resources from Pinterest, but wanted to highlight a particular one that combines both creativity and meeting curriculum standards.  The Curriculum Corner provides a one-stop shop for lesson plans, activities and classroom management tools that are both innovative and meet the common core standards.  The website was created by two elementary school teachers with a combined 25 years of experience in education.  Their site is incredibly well organized and easy to navigate, with lesson plans and activities all categorized under subject matter and standard subcategories.  They also have sections on classroom management and seasonal activities.  Check it out when you get a chance!



21st Century Teaching: The Way To Go

18 Jun

Shelly Wright’s blog post “Nuts and Bolts of 21st Century Teaching” was an inspiring discussion about how a teacher has changed her methods to meet the needs of her 21st century audience.  It was exciting to see the new ways she was using technology and different teaching methods to further engage her students in higher level thinking. 

I loved the fact that she used Google Docs and that the kids were amazed at first, but then really started capitalizing on the collaboration that Google Docs provides. was new term for me, so I checked out the website and believe this would be a great organizational tool when doing any kind of research. 

Although the students struggled initially with the project based learning format, I think the lessons they learned are invaluable as this approach mimics how many jobs are accomplished in the real world.

I was also very impressed by her 10th grade students’ ideas and believe it is a testament to the way she was teaching and pushing them to learn at the higher levels of analysis, synthesis and evaluation. 

Making Words Stand Out: Wordle!

16 Jun

I had heard of Wordle at the school I work; they gave out “Wordles” as a going away present for teachers who were leaving.  So I wanted to check out this website further to see how I could potentially use in the classroom.    As I explored more, I found this to be a great  visual tool for students, especially younger students.  We have learned  that people retain more through visual information, and although Wordles include words too, I think Wordle incorporates the visual aspect quite well by making the words stand out through different fonts, positioning and colors.

I decided to try one out and used my 3rd Grade History SOL standard as the theme for my first word cloud.


I also found the slideshow below, which gives interesting ways to use Wordle in the classroom, along with a lot of examples.

<div style=”margin-bottom:5px”> <strong> <a href=”; title=”Wordle in the Classroom” target=”_blank”>Wordle in the Classroom</a> </strong> from <strong><a href=”; target=”_blank”>Barbara Krongold</a></strong> </div>

Social Learning Site

1 Jun

When tasked with choosing a social learning site, the decision was easy-Pinterest!

I have heard and seen numerous teachers using Pinterest, and now have realized why they joined!  This amazing tool has an abundance of teaching resources all in one spot and very easily accessible.  All of the “pins” and boards are so well organized, making it extremely easy to find a specific idea or subject.

As a career switcher, this will be an amazing resource to connect with teachers from across the country.  The following statistics found on a board amazed me about the wealth of educational information on Pinterest:

  • Over 350 boards have the title “Lesson Plans”
  • There are over 400 boards with the keyword “classroom”
  • There are over 450 boards with the keyword “teacher”

One pin I found particularly interesting for educators was “16 Ways Educators Use Pinterest”

how educators use pinterest

As a visual learner, Pinterest provides an advantage in that there are images of every idea.  You can show, rather than just tell! For example, instead of reading about how someone has organized their classroom, you can see it!organized classroom

I am anxious to start using Pinterest and know that this will be my “go-to” site when in need of an idea or suggestion!